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Concrete Accessories

Necessary and useful items on any job site. Call Great Plains Specialty Concrete Products at 913-385-9121 to address any questions you may have.

Chairs & Slab Bolsters

  • Castle Chair
  • Slab Bolster Upper
  • Plastic Paving Chair


  • Chalk
  • Jumbo Chalk Box

Expansion Joint

  • Fiber Flex

Hammer Drill Bits

  • Relton Drill Bits

Iso Pier

  • Iso Pier

Marking Paint

  • Flourescent Orange


  • Bright Box
  • Duplex
  • Cut

Power Cords

  • Power Cords

Wind Straps

  • Strap-Tie Holddowns
  • Predeflected Holddown

Wire Ties

  • Wire Ties