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Diamond & Abrasive Blades

Saw blade selecton is based on the material to be cut, the saw to be used, and the budget for the project. Great Plains offers a range of blades for your jobs. If you have questions about which blade is best for you, call 913-385-9121.

Blades for Cutting Concrete

  • Husqvarna QH5 (2 STAR Rating)
  • Husqvarna HI5 (4 STAR Rating)
  • Husqvarna Varacut Series (2 STAR Rating)
  • Diteq U22 (2 STAR Rating)
  • Husqvarna Banner Line® (4 STAR Rating)

Blades for Cutting Asphalt

  • Diteq Diamond Blade **Premium
  • Diteq Diamond Blade ***Super Premium
  • Husqvarna HI10 (4 STAR Rating)
  • Husqvarna VH10 (2 STAR Rating)
  • Red Banner® Diamond Blade
  • Black Banner® Diamond Blade

Blades for Cutting Rebar

  • Husqvarna NX5 Metal Cutting Blade (4 STAR Rating)
  • Husqvarna QHS High Speed Abrasive Blade
  • Husqvarna EHS High Speed Abrasive Blade