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Repair Mortars & Grouts

Concrete wears over time, even when properly sealed and maintained. When it does, property owners have a basic decision to make...either repair the existing concrete or tear it out and replace it. When the choice is made to repair rather than replace, choose from our range of superior repair mortars and grouts that are tailored to specific applications. Residential garage floors, driveways and walkways, or commercial warehouse floors and parking garages can often be preserved and renewed with the right repair products. Call us at Great Plains at 913-385-9121 for help in selecting the right product for your project.

Spec Chem

  • Acrylic Bonder
  • Duo Patch
  • SpecPatch 15 (formerly Precast Patch)
  • RevCrete - Course
  • Spec Prime
  • Spec Flow Underlayment