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General Concrete Chemicals

Select the right product to help finish, cure, and seal your concrete project. Call Great Plains Specialty Concrete Products at 913-385-9121 to address any questions you may have.

Cures & Sealers

  • Spec Chem Cure & Seal 25
  • Spec Chem Cure & Seal WB
  • Spec Chem E-Cure
  • Spec Chem Cure Hard
  • Spec Chem Spec City White
  • Spec Chem Pave Cure WW


  • SpecPoxy Coating
  • SpecPoxy 3000FS
  • SpecPoxy C.J.
  • Dayton Sure Inject™ J56

Penetrating Sealers

  • Spec Chem Spec Shield WB
  • Spec Chem Spec Silane 20 WB
  • Spec Chem Spec Silane 40 WB

Surface Extenders & Retarders

  • Spec Chem Spec Film RTU
  • Spec Chem Spec Etch