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Soff-Cut Saws & Blades

The patented Soff-Cut® Ultra Early Entry dry cutting system controls random cracking of concrete through the early timing of the saw cutting...usually within one to two hours after the finishing process is completed. Low noise and low dust blade block and skid plate technology, in conjunction with Husqvarna Excel blades, allows for ultra early entry sawing the same day while minimizing chipping and spalling. If you have questions, give Great Plains a call at 913-385-9121.

Soff-Cut® Saws and Blades

  • Soff-Cut® 150 Prowler
  • Soff-Cut® 150D Prowler
  • Soff-Cut® FLX Series Blade
  • Soff-Cut® Ultra Early Entry FLX4000 Orange Series Blade
  • Soff-Cut® Proedge Series Diamond Blade
  • Soff-Cut® 4" Scoring Blade